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London houses more than 9 million people and is one of the major real estate destinations worldwide.
The ongoing demand for property in the thriving capital is attributed to its limited supply and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. That being said, judging by the current trend, real estate in the entire country is being snapped up much quicker compared to previous years.

It is worth noting that the delivery of new housing in London has witnessed a slowdown for the first time in almost a decade as a result of the lockdowns and issues in the supply chain.
As revealed by the Land Registry, in the year to July, real estate prices rose by 9.2%, amounting to GBP 544,000 on average. According to the analytics from the British weekly investment magazine; MoneyWeek, London housing values are highly likely to decrease by 8% in 2023 and 4% in 2024.
Price increase for the year to July, As revealed by the Land Registry
Projected price increase in next two years according to MoneyWeek
In London and in the UK in general, property comes in 2 types: freehold and leasehold.
At the same time, a leasehold is a rental contract, in which its duration can last from 40 years to 999 years. Upon termination of the lease, it can be renewed, taking into account the current market rate. Otherwise, the unit needs to go back to the original owner.
The freehold category grants you full ownership, which means that the land and the structure itself are yours only, while you are responsible for paying for any maintenance and administration.
Please note that in the UK capital, the majority of real estate for purchase comes as a leasehold type.
Whether you’re looking to invest or buy a property in the UK for personal use, we’re here to help
Amit Seth
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Why Acquire Real Estate in London?
London is highly attractive as a real estate destination thanks to a number of aspects that can be found below:
First place for real estate investment for 2 consecutive years
London is leading global ratings thanks to its prosperity, culture, infrastructure, experience, human capital and prosperity. That being said, it was proclaimed the European City of the Future in the Financial Times' FDI Rankings for 2022/23. London also took first place for real estate investment for 2 consecutive years (2021-2022).
The UK capital has outstanding public transport infrastructure, namely Crossrail, which is designed to improve the connectivity within the city. This is the biggest and the most significant transport system development in London since the expansion of the Tube more than 100 years ago. Real estate investors are highly interested in properties located within close proximity to Crossrail stations, as their value is constantly growing.
Outstanding public transport infrastructure
London rental prices will rise by 22.2% between 2022–2026.
As London is one of the top in-demand cities for young specialists to work in, its rental market is thriving. In fact, vacancy rates in the capital are set at 2.2% because of the housing shortage. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), private rental rates grew by a whopping 2.5% in the 12 months to August 2022. This is the highest annual increase since October 2016. The German company; Statista, which focuses on the consumer and data market, expects that London rental prices will rise by 22.2% between 2022–2026.
The labour market in London has been demonstrating a strong performance as a result of Brexit and the COVID-19 recovery. People are coming back to the capital and are provided with more employment opportunities. Approximately 400,000 people work in London, as there are headquarters of the largest financial establishments in the world, including Lloyd Banking Group and Standard Chartered. In fact, 50% of the financial service sector's economic output of the UK is accumulated in London.
People are coming back to the capital
Popular Areas
of London
Barking and Dagenham
The Barking and Dagenham borough is the most connected in East London, thanks to the availability of outstanding links to the central part of the city, alongside the Crossrail stops and the London Overground, which stops at Barking Riverside.
There are 685 retail stores, 110 restaurants & cafes, 25 parks and 6 'Outstanding' schools within the area. The house prices in Barking and Dagenham averages at GBP 336,00, with a 6% ROI.
Westminster houses a high concentration of London's most famous landmarks and architecture. That being said, there are 11,000+ listed structures of special architectural or historic interest in this area alone. Owing to its prime position with the City to the east and Kensington and Chelsea to the west, Westminster is one of the costliest for accomodation in the city.
This neighbourhood is the center of UK politics and a thriving tourist hub, as Big Ben, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament are all located here. The cost of homes here amounts to GBP 1,004,000 on average, with a yield of 4%.
Hillingdon is the second largest and most western borough in London. When residing here, you can take advantage of swift connections to various weekend destinations across Europe, as this area is home to Heathrow Airport.
Among other benefits of Hillingdon are several new large waterways, which link the borough to the rest of London. The house value here is set at GBP 448,000 on average, while the ROI is as high as 4%.
Whether you’re looking to invest or buy a property in the UK for personal use, we’re here to help
Amit Seth
Managing Director
Lifestyle in London
London is considered one of the most cultural cities in the world
London is considered one of the most cultural cities in the world, thanks to the availability of more than 100 theaters, about 200 museums, 15,000 restaurants and plenty of iconic attractions, including Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, The Tower of London and others.
On top of that, over 40% of the capital is dedicated to leafy manicured parks. As a result, it is no wonder that London ranked Europe's most popular destination by the latest edition of Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2022.
There is also Europe's biggest department store; Harrods, which is nestled in the dynamic and very up-market area of Knightsbridge.
As well as all that, London is one of the 4 main capitals worldwide in terms of fashion, as it hosts London Fashion Week twice per annum.
Another important aspect of London is, of course, football, which has the most football clubs of any type in Europe located here.
and bars
Not forgetting that London is famed for its outstanding level of higher education, as Imperial College and UCL are ranked in the top 10 in the world. In total, there are 33 universities in the capital and it has one of the highest student populations of any city.
Micheline star gourmet venues
Food lovers will be keen to learn that the capital has more than 3,500 pubs and bars in total. These include 86 Micheline star gourmet venues, such as Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, The Araki and Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.
Sales Trends in London
As revealed by the figures gathered from 4,500+ data sources, as of Q1 2022, there were 350,980 properties for acquisition in London.
The real estate market is witnessing an undersupply of detached residences and 4 out of 5 units on the market now are apartments. The strong demand for detached homes is attributed to the fact that more and more people are opting to move to larger units with a garden and an additional room to be used as a home office.
The LonRes data company states that despite a yearly drop, the upscale property transactions remain above pre-pandemic indicators. That being said, sales decreased to 29% y-o-y, but were still higher than during the first halves of the 3 years before COVID-19. The strong performance of the high-end property market is attributed to the resumption of international travel and affordable pricing. It is worth noting that the prices of prime units are still down by 15%, as of 2022, from the market peak 7 years ago.
London Investment Properties
As a result of the inflow of people into the capital, the real estate market has registered a shortage of both properties for sale and to rent. That being said, the construction sector is struggling to meet the 90,000-100,00 new units required annually to fill the demand. This issue resulted in a skyrocketing price surge mentioned above. As reported by the HomeLet insurance company, the rental rates for new tenancies averaged at GBP 1,832 in July 2022.
If you are considering purchasing buy-to-let real estate in the UK capital, it is worth considering West London. For example, in the Harlington town nestled in Hillingdon, a 1-bedroom apartment to purchase costs GPB 221,021 on average, while the rental yields amount to 4.7%. Another lucrative investment option is South London. For instance, Croydon offers properties for sale priced at GBP 397,000 on average, with a 5% ROI.
As reported by the HomeLet insurance company, the rental rates for new tenancies averaged at GBP 1,832 in July 2022.
Whether you’re looking to invest or buy a property in the UK for personal use, we’re here to help
Amit Seth
Managing Director