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The former Bromley-by-Bow Gasworks in London will become a new public space

Developer Berkeley Group will create a new community living space in north-east London. The site of the abandoned Bromley-by-Bow Gasworks will have residential developments, a public garden with a pond and all the necessary infrastructure for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The future site plan is being developed by St William, which is a division of the Berkeley Group. Representatives of the company are now discussing with the local community the future plans for the development.
Published on 24.07.2023

The new space will appear on the site of the disused Bromley-by-Bow Gasworks.

The 23-acre site is now home to 7 gasholders built in the 1870’s, at a time when East London was being actively industrialized. The plant supplied gas to homes in London but became redundant after the switch to North Sea Gas. The remaining gasholders were used to store gas until 2010, when they were decommissioned.

Originally there were 8 gasholders on the territory, but one was destroyed as a result of the bombing of the British capital during WW2. Later, a pond was formed in its place, which the company wants to preserve and improve.
Representatives of the organization are actively engaging with the local community by conducting tours of the site. More than 300 events took place during Newham Heritage Month, involving young people in the area. There have also been exhibitions, consultations and face-to-face meetings with local people to help to understand what Londoners want the area to be like.

During the communication with the locals, it was proposed to restore all 7 remaining gasholders and use them as frames for future houses. Around the pond locals proposed to create a park with an embankment and access to the river.

The public consultation is scheduled to be completed by September 2023, when company representatives intend to submit a planning application for the site. Work on the site will start in 2025. The company is not giving an exact timeline, but you can follow the construction progress on the facility's official website at bromley-by-bow.com.
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Amit Seth
Managing Director