Published on 19.07.2023

Top 10 best global cities

Resonance Consultancy has published the top 100 best cities in the world. The top 10 include: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Singapore and Amsterdam.

The rating has been published annually for 7 years and provides data for the last reporting period; in this case, for the year 2022. In this regard, the text often refers to the coronavirus pandemic, which was nearing its end last year, allowing many countries to start recovering economically
How the cities were selected

The rating includes cities with a population of more than 1 million people. There are 6 main categories: Place (Pc), Programming (Pg), Prosperity (Ps), Product (Pd), People (Po) and Promotion (Pm). Each includes a several point system, the total number of which is 24. In order to understand the principles of rating construction, it is necessary to look into each category.


In the Place category, the following conditions were paid attention to:
  • weather — number of sunny days per year
  • safety — crime rates based on United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UN-Habitat, Eurostat, FBI and national data sources)
  • attractions — number of iconic places of interest recommended by locals and tourists
  • outdoor recreation opportunities — number of green areas and parks, including those for active recreation, recommended by locals and tourists

This category includes the key universities, attractions and infrastructure of a city that make it stand out from the rest. This includes the following destinations:
  • number of direct flights from local airports
  • attractions based on ratings by locals and tourists
  • important museums to visit based on ratings by locals and tourists
  • ranking of top universities
  • convention centre — popularity and convenience of the city for holding large business and international meetings

This category includes destinations that together form the atmosphere of the city:
  • culture — the number of cultural events based on ratings by locals and tourists
  • nightlife — the number of entertainment events in the city
  • Restaurants — the best catering establishments based on the ratings of locals and tourists
  • Shopping — iconic boutiques and stores

In this category, the panel paid attention to:
  • labour force participation rate based on data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank, U.S. Census Bureau, and national data sources
  • level of population education — share of population with higher education with at least a bachelor's degree, based on data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, OECD, U.S. Census Bureau and national data sources.

This category speaks to the wealth and prosperity of a city and its population based on a number of indicators:
  • Global 500 — the number of open offices on the list Fortune 500, which consists of companies from the United States
  • GDP per capita
  • labour force participation
  • income equality of the population

This category shows how a city can showcase itself. The number of mentions in search engines and social media, as well as reviews in travel apps are taken into account:
  • Facebook
  • Google Search
  • TripAdvisor Reviews
  • Instagram
  • Google Trends
In each city, two features were identified.


London has topped Resonance Consultancy's ranking for the seventh time in a row, despite a host of post-pandemic challenges. In 2022, the city was focused on returning tourism figures to the 2019 level and attracting investment.

For this purpose, a policy of granting British residency on the condition of buying real estate in London was launched. During the first half of 2022 in the capital of Great Britain, 61 premium-class properties with an average value of £12 million each were sold. This figure was the highest in the last 10 years.

The UK authorities have managed to attract high quality professionals and simplify the process of opening a large number of offices from world-renowned companies. For example, Meta is in the process of opening two large offices in London's King's Cross district.

This was achieved by setting the lowest tax rate among the G7 countries and a number of incentives. In terms of attracting foreign investment, London was able to surpass New York, Singapore and Dubai.

London's gastronomic scene is also recovering, with dozens of restaurants that closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, now re-opening in the city.
Museums and nightlife


After the coronavirus pandemic, Paris is focusing on making the city greener and relieving the centre of vehicles toward a "pedestrian city."

During the pandemic, restaurants in central Paris were given extra seating for customers, including in parking lots, to maintain social distance. A total of 60,000 seats were allocated. In 2022, it was decided to assign these spaces to restaurants to prevent them from being occupied by motorists.

The movement of vehicles on a number of streets in the centre of Paris was also restricted in favour of providing space for businesses that need additional sites. The Seine embankments, squares near the Notre-Dame-de-Paris and the City Hall buildings were cleared of cars. Thanks to this initiative, the air in the city centre has been cleaned and local wildlife has been introduced.

The creation of a network of urban beaches has led to the development of small businesses, picnic grounds and outdoor activities, which used to be considered a very expensive form of entertainment for Parisians.

Now Paris is actively preparing for the Olympic Games in 2024. At the same time, it is planned to complete the restoration of the Notre-Dame-de-Paris, and to hold swimming competitions after the Games. The Champs-Elysees is also planned to be turned into a huge garden, halving the number of cars and making it more pedestrian-oriented.

The French capital has already managed to recover the tourist figures of previous years. In the summer of 2022, the city's visitors spent 10% more than in 2019, although that year was a record year for tourist spending.

In order to cater to the full flow of visitors, hotels and inns are being renovated and reopened in Paris.
Sightseeing and shopping

New York

New York focused on the development of transport infrastructure and the restoration of its tourist flow after the pandemic. In 2019, 70 million people visited the city and the authorities plan to return to this figure by 2024.

For this purpose, the operation system of international airports is being modernised. For example, new terminals have already been built at LaGuardia, Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport, and 33 new gates have been opened at Newark Liberty International Airport.

At the end of 2022, construction began on a new elevated railroad that will reduce traffic congestion in the city.

New York has already renovated the Moynihan Train Hall train station. Now it is a large transportation hub with 17 domestic destinations.

More than 9,000 new hotel rooms have been opened to accommodate tourists in New York. At the end of 2022, the construction of several new hotels began, which will allow the city to receive even more guests.

For cultural entertainment, new places are being opened all the time and old ones are being expanded. For example, the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Corona, Queens, will have a new cultural centre, jazz club and retail stores. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has also announced a $500 million expansion.

New York City is opening new green spaces, with the addition of the 2.4-acre Little Island, to classics like Central Park. Little Island is a site that stands in the sea on stilts with lawns, trees and places to relax.
Promotion and culture


In 2021, Japan hosted the Olympic Games. During that time, there was a ban on many tourists entering and attending events, so the money invested in the development of Tokyo's infrastructure did not bring the income it expected.

Before the Games, 2,000 hotels, inns and guesthouses were built in Tokyo, and together with shopping malls, they stood idle and almost empty.

Now, after all the restrictions have been lifted, the city is focusing on improving the streets and the welfare of its residents.

By 2030, the government of Japan plans to receive 60 million tourists per year and generate decent revenue from it. In previous years, Tokyo has shown record levels in the number of tourists, and after the expansion of terminals at the city's main international airport; Haneda, the flow of visitors should increase.

In Resonance Consultancy's rankings, Tokyo is ranked #1 in the shopping category because of its many boutiques and stores with world-class brands. The previously restored Miyashita Park has added 90 boutiques and restaurants, a new hotel with panoramic views of the neighbourhood, sports fields and a skatepark.

The world's first Netflix store was also opened. In early 2022, two stores dedicated to the TV series Stranger Things opened in Tokyo.

The capital of Japan also takes 2nd place in the category of "gastronomy" because of the large number of restaurants with different cuisines from around the world. At the moment there are about 100,000 restaurants in Tokyo, so it is impossible to visit them all in one visit.
Restaurants and shopping


Dubai authorities are focusing on bringing back tourism numbers and guest safety after the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2019, almost 17 million tourists visited the city. In 2023, city authorities hope to return to this level, in which they are actively developing the city.

For this purpose, there are many attractions that appear in Dubai which cannot be found in other cities around the world. In addition to the world's tallest skyscrapers, such as the Burj Khalifa, the city has created the world's deepest diving pool called Deep Dive Dubai.

Dubai Mall, which is the most visited shopping centre in the world, is now busier than ever, and a new single-storey mall with 350 stores, 75 cafes and a movie theatre, called Cityland Mall, is open.

Dubai 2022 saw the launch of the stunning Mohammed bin Rashid Library, lots of new areas and many high-rise projects.
Security and number of Facebook mentions


Barcelona authorities are also focused on bringing back tourism figures, as the city receives about 12 million visitors annually.

Similar to Paris, the centre of Barcelona is becoming free from cars, so tourists will be able to move more comfortably on foot or on bicycles, as more than 125 miles of pathways have already been laid for them. In 2023 there will be another 20 miles of bicycle lanes added.

Parking spaces and some roads in Barcelona are being replaced by playgrounds and recreation areas, and some streets will be fully landscaped for walking and cycling.

New roads will be built to access popular attractions, which will reduce travel time for tourists.

Barcelona's oldest Teatre Principal de Barcelona is scheduled to re-open in 2024.

At the same time, the city is also becoming more oriented towards locals than visitors. Authorities have launched a campaign to combat "runaway tourism", where apartments in Barcelona are being bought for renting out on travel websites. This is necessary because Barcelona's housing stock is limited.
Nightlife and reviews on TripAdvisor


Rome is focused on developing a gastronomic destination.

As Resonance Consultancy notes, Rome still ranks 10th in the number of searches in Google Trends and TripAdvisor, however the level of mentions has declined due to fewer tourists.

In order to regain the indicators, dozens of new restaurants are opening in the Italian capital, and are located in historical buildings, as in the case of Don Pasquale, located in the former residence of Italian opera composer Gaetano Donizetti.

The Garum Museum has recently opened in Rome, where ancient Italian recipes and kitchen utensils from different eras are collected. The institution itself is housed in a palazzo built in the 16th century.

The Mausoleum of Augustus has re-opened, as well as Casa Romana, which is a 4th century residence located under the Giovanni Barracco Museum of Ancient Culture. Among the novelties, the archaeological Ninfeo Museum is also worth mentioning.
Sights and reviews on TripAdvisor


Madrid is one of the most affected tourist cities by the coronavirus. However, after the restrictions were lifted, the city quickly recovered, this time emphasising the renovation of historic buildings.

For example, Spain's most popular Metropolis building now includes a spa, many boutiques and restaurants. The old Monte de Piedad de Madrid building is now home to the Madrid Edition luxury hotel by Marriott International.

The city authorities are also developing the gastronomic direction, as more than 50 restaurants opened in 2022, and approximately the same number will open in 2023.
During the pandemic, Madrid expanded green spaces within the city. For example, Parque del Retiro was connected to the Paseo del Prado boulevard

Madrid is also aiming to combat climate change and pollution. The government plans to plant trees to create a 75 km network of urban forests, and it is planned that this green belt will be able to absorb 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the future and mitigate the thermal impact on the city.

As part of a campaign to develop social housing, abandoned industrial areas with railroad tracks in the north of Madrid will be renewed. There will also be new housing, offices and a transportation hub.
Reviews on TripAdvisor and nightlife


The Singaporean authorities are busy developing infrastructure and national production.

For this purpose, the city-state invests money in scientific research, attracts talented scientists and specialists and opens the offices of famous companies.

Singapore continues to rank as one of the most prosperous cities in the world, and is ranked 24th on the Global 500 list.

Singapore is also ranked as the 4th safest city in the world.

The local government actively supports the population. For example, 80% of the city's citizens live in public housing.

Singapore is developing its internal infrastructure, as nearly 800 miles of bicycle lanes are planned to be laid in the near future. New public spaces are being opened, such as the Active Garden, which is designed for active recreation, social, and educational events.
Security and Google Trends


The capital of the Netherlands is a leader in terms of income equality and employment.

Now the city authorities are focused on relocating tourist spots from the city centre to the outskirts. It plans to make the Amsterdam-Nord district the new centre of attraction, and the famous Red Light Quarter has already been moved from the De Wallen district.

Amsterdam has changed its approach to city branding. Previously the city was known as a place where you can try substances banned in other states, but now smoking on the streets adjacent to the city centre is banned.

A new residential neighbourhood called Haven-Stad is being built to combat the housing shortage, especially to accommodate Brexit refugees. In the future, about 70,000 houses will be built here.
Income equality and labour force participation
Why has London been ranked №1 for 7 years in a row?
London takes the top spot every year because it is a thriving metropolis. It is excellent both for doing business and for living in. The city authorities do everything to attract international companies, professionals and tourists. The former are offered reduced tax rates, the latter are offered interesting work and cultural leisure options. London will always attract visitors with its world-class attractions.
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