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Save as much as 20% in UK property purchases due to the weakened pound
Average UK house prices YoY as of February 2023 increased by 6%
February 2023
London Property Rents predicted to rise by 22% between 2022 and 2026
22 %
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Infrastructure Investment
The UK government is investing £16 billion into infrastructure, connectivity and regeneration projects which will in turn help to increase investor yields
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Our Most Popular Projects in the UK

Top UK Properties
from £760,000
from 562 sq. ft
1-4 Bedroom
Oval Village
from £712,000
1-3 Bedroom
Nine Elms
from £580,500
from 544 sq. ft
1-3 Bedroom
The Laundry
from £450,500
from 421 sq. ft
1-3 Bedroom
The Green Quarter
from £950,000
from 481 sq. ft
1-4 Bedroom
King’s Road Park
from £400,000
from 404 sq. ft
1-4 Bedroom
The Clarendon
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Amit Seth
Managing Director